30 May 2017

You’re invited to join us in Hamilton 5 & 6 July

Stepping Up – NZPPI’s inaugural conference is fast shaping up as a defining point as our new organisation builds momentum - join us and register now, programme and registration form here.

Plans for conference are now well-developed and a great line-up of topics and speakers is confirmed.

Myrtle rust is the topic du’jour – or should that be topic du’jois (month) - as we seem to have spent most of our time since 4 May on this pest.  There is just shy of a couple of hours on myrtle rust at conference and you’ll hear of MPI’s response, our work and what’s next for industry biosecurity.

In the Science slot, we'll hear from:

  • University of Waikato’s Mike Duke and Michael Cree on a robotic mobile platform with insect pest remote sensing
  • AgResearch’s Maureen O’Callaghan on a large biopesticides research programme that will inform future pest and disease control
  • Bill Dyck provides a review of the Science and Innovation Summit and progress towards NZPPI science and innovation strategy.

We’ll talk of what’s missing in our workforce, our role in and inter-industry engagement to protect our bee populations, the latest in employment law and workplace health and safety, and a view on an industry-led, council supported approach to environmental management.

While producers are doing all the above, retailers and suppliers get to do some exciting stuff like visit Hobbiton, but not until they've brainstormed options for the management and advancing of:

  • Go Gardening
  • consumer engagement
  • awards, and
  • gift cards

Closing the first day, delegates gather for an evening dinner and a celebration as this year’s Young Achiever is announced.

We’ve time for networking, socialising and a good old natter with mates, customers, suppliers and colleagues … but only if you are in Hamilton 5 & 6 July. See you there!

The programme and registration form are here.

Early Bird Registration closes 9 June and the accommodation rates change then too. Don't delay - book now.

Thanks to our sponsors, they help make conference happen

  • Daltons
  • ICL
  • Norwood Industries
  • Horticentre Trust
  • Hortfert Plus
  • Cosio Industries
  • Westpac

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