12 September 2017

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A joint communication from NZPPI and MPI on myrtle rust compensation

Several NZPPI members have recently spoken with MPI and NZPPI about delays in processing of their compensation claims, and their frustrations with this.

The good news is that MPI has confirmed it will be making interim payments to affected plant producers and industry partners within the next two weeks.

MPI says these payments are part of what is now a two stage process where an interim payment is made, followed by a full and final payment. The interim payment acknowledges some of the immediate pressure placed on affected plant producers and industry partners when plants are destroyed under the Biosecurity Act.

MPI has been meeting with claimants in recent weeks to strengthen communication and accelerate progress.

For our part, NZPPI has offered a free service to its affected members where NZPPI will actively review their compensation applications and any proposed claim settlement, working collaboratively both with the member and MPI. This is both to step up the level of support to those NZPPI members, and to give all parties confidence we’re getting this right.

NZPPI has significant expertise in this area. In relation to technical valuation aspects of claims, Several NZPPI members have been through the process before and with John Liddle, are able to provide support. On legal aspects, Andrew Harrison has previous experience with MPI around such biosecurity compensation claims as national regulator, decision maker and having led reform of the Biosecurity Act. This service will not be available to claimants who are not members of NZPPI.

NZPPI recognises that MPI is dealing with an unprecedented number of large responses and associated compensation activity. The Ministry is working hard to progress claims associated with the responses to Bonamia affecting oysters and Mycoplasma bovis affecting the animal sectors. MPI established a significant compensation team four weeks ago to cope with this challenge.

Within the next fortnight, NZPPI will provide a substantive update on the myrtle rust response and what plant producers and industry partners can expect as we head into the active spring period for the disease.

As a further note MPI has thanked NZPPI and its members for their help in managing myrtle rust. This was recently recognised during the New Zealand Biosecurity Awards.

If you think you've seen myrtle rust, don't touch it,
take a photo, and call 0800 80 99 66.


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