13 February 2018

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  • NZPPI biosecurity scheme
  • Myrtle Rust update
  • Bunnings to ban neonicotenoids
  • Primary ITO appoints sector manager
  • Science & innovation strategy - your feedback
  • Conference 2018
  • Open letter to industry

NZPPI to develop plant production biosecurity scheme

New Zealand plant producers will drive development of an industry biosecurity scheme to detect pests and diseases and prevent their spread.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has commissioned the New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated (NZPPI) to lead development of the scheme, placing plant producers at the forefront of New Zealand’s biosecurity efforts.

Over the next six months, NZPPI will work with industry, MPI and other stakeholders to design a plant production biosecurity standard and manual. This consultative process will determine key considerations such as how the scheme will run and how to upskill industry.

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Latest Myrtle Rust find a timely reminder

MPI have identified a new myrtle rust infection site within a nursery. This is the first nursery site to be identified with Myrtle Rust since June 2017.

Nurseries make up only a small portion of myrtle rust sites, which gives us confidence that nurseries are not a significant source of the disease.

This latest find is a reminder that we are still in a very active biosecurity response as new myrtle rust infection sites are being identified almost daily.

Nurseries are reminded of the importance of implementing the NZPPI myrtle rust protocols, in particular the need to aggregate myrtaceae plants into defined areas in the nursery and to continue to carry out the regular monitoring and observation procedures.

It is vital that plant buyers and the community have confidence in the way that nurseries are managing myrtle rust, particularly as we move towards long term management of the disease. Equally important is that nurseries have the confidence to continue to propagate and supply these important species in the future.

read latest MPI situation update here

Bunnings to ban neonicotenoids

Bunnings have announced that the use of neonicotinoid insecticides will be banned for use on plants supplied to their stores from the end of 2020.

Bunnings is one of many retailers that have removed home-use neonicotinoid products from their retail shelves, but are among the first retailers to impose a ban on their use in plant production, anywhere in the world.

This policy may have consequences for our integrated pest management and biosecurity systems. NZPPI is assessing the implications of this policy and our findings and recommendations will be distributed to NZPPI members in the near future.

Primary ITO appoints sector manager for amenity and nursery production

NZPPI welcomes Liza Whalley in her new role as the Sector Manager for Amenity and Nursery Production. We are really excited to have Liza in this new role as we begin our work with the Primary ITO to promote careers and training in the nursery sector.

Liza is well qualified for her role, with a Degree in Applied Science (Horticulture) among her academic achievements and plenty of hands on experience in nursery and amenity horticulture.

In addition to her academic achievements, Liza has been involved in IPPS and gained second place in the Young Horticulturalist of the Year competition in 2013.

NZPPI Science & Innovation Strategy

NZPPI is seeking feedback on our proposed science and innovation strategy.

Science and innovation is a key part of NZPPI’s industry strategy. This strategy will be used to guide our future investment in this important area and to ensure that NZPPI members have access to the best information and science that is available in New Zealand and internationally.

Key areas covered in the strategy include:

  • Sustainable plant production systems
  • Diagnostics and plant health and pathogens
  • Enhanced soil health for plant quality & vigour
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Biosecurity

Tell us what you think by completing our questionnaire here.

NZPPI 2018 Conference - 'A World of Opportunity'

Save the date - 27 & 28 June, Rotorua

We're going to explore the opportunities for growth in the nursery sector. The outlook for food, wine, forestry and amenity are all positive. This means success for the nursery industry. How will you make the most of these opportunities and avoid the risks and pitfalls?

More information in coming weeks. Conference contact Frances Palmer 04 9183511

Open letter from New Zealand Flower & Garden Show

In November 2017 the inaugural New Zealand Flower and Garden Show took place in Auckland. The show was the first of it’s type in Auckland for 10 years and nationally since February 2014 and is the largest showcase of our industries within New Zealand. Following the event, our team is happy to provide the statistics below:

  • Total numbers through the gate (trade inclusive) was just under 28,000
  • 81% were female and 19% male
  • 71% Auckland based, 20% Out of Auckland, 9% International visitors
  • 71% of non-Auckland based visitors attended specifically for the show
  • 95% of visitors plan to attend again in 2018.

We are extremely happy with the response from those visitors, a 90% overall satisfaction rating is almost unheard of. We have some fantastic plans in place to build the event for 2018 and into the future, however there was some cause for concern at the 2017 show which the team from NZFGS wish to raise with the industry.

Some nurseries and industry companies got on board in a fantastic manner and for this we are truly thankful. I hope you all reap the rewards of your support as without you the show would not have been the success it was.

However, generally the industry participation was somewhat reserved and whilst we take on board that, to a certain degree the new event was somewhat of an un-proven entity, we hope that the success of 2017 will put the cautious response from the industry behind us. To this end we cordially invite those that have been considering their potential involvement to come on board. We all want a bigger and better show in 2018 and to achieve this we need ALL of you. So, at the risk of sounding repetitive, with regards to the 2017 event there was just not enough support from the industry. To gain a better understanding of why this was so we would appreciate your feedback as without that support in 2018 and ongoing the event cannot reach its full potential.

I would also like to take the opportunity to clarify our structure etc. The event is privately owned (by a new ownership team) and relies on three revenue streams – visitor ticket sales, retail site sales and sponsorship. You may not be aware that to ensure the successful show format we supply to all horticultural display exhibitors a free site and additionally provide over $400,000 in construction grants to the to ensure the quantity and quality of exhibits.

Whilst the 2017 event was fantastic from an event attendee point of view the event made a financial loss so we therefore need a strong indication of support for the upcoming 2018 event to move forward in a positive manner. November’s event had a number of companies expressing their interest in being involved in 2018 and we would love to hear from you at your earliest convenience. If we work together we can ensure a successful show.

Yours sincerely,

Kate Hillier or 021 753355

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