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  • Biosecurity 2025
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  • Flower Show dinner

Biosecurity updates

Myrtle Rust

With Myrtle rust now well and truly established in NZ, NZPPI is continuing to work with the government and other sectors to develop a long-term strategy for the disease.

This effort just got a massive boost with $17 million in funding being allocated to research into the disease and to develop management tools.

Myrtle rust has spread across a large portion of the country over the past 2 years, but based on overseas experience, scientists are expecting the real damage to increase in the future as the disease intensifies in some regions and begins to affect plant growth and flowering.

The funding will enable us to understand the specific conditions under which myrtle rust spreads and develops, which species are susceptible and to develop the management tools that will enable nurseries and land managers to manage the disease.

NZPPI sits on the governance group that is overseeing the development of the long-term strategy for myrtle rust. Our involvement in this group means that you have a say in the future management of this disease.

Kauri Dieback

NZPPI made a submission on MPI’s proposal to develop a management plan for Kauri dieback.

Our submission supported the Government’s proposal to develop a management plan for this devastating disease, but we stated that the plan needs to include industry.

Our proposal is that the industry biosecurity scheme (PPBS) is recognised as the management plan for nurseries and that government avoids developing a separate plan.

NZPPI’s submission is available on our website here

Plant Variety Act review

MBIE have initiated a consultation process for the review of the Plant Variety Rights Act which is planned for 2019.

NZPPI is working with MBIE in Wellington to work through the implications of this review for members that own plant variety rights, or that propagate and sell PVR material.

NZPPI will make a submission on the proposals by 21 December.

Seed testing

NZPPI continues to challenge MPI over emergency measures put in place requiring regular testing of imported flower and vegetable seeds.

These testing procedures were imposed almost two years ago in response to some seed lines being identified with contamination.

NZPPI believes that the issues with contaminated seed have been addressed within the supply chain and we are questioning the need for ongoing testing at the current sampling rate.

After testing over 500,000 seeds we are not aware of any high risk weed seeds that have been found in any of the samples taken.

We absolutely support MPI’s work to manage biosecurity, but we believe that there are far better ways to manage the risk of contamination in seed through good management practices, rather than simply testing.

One Billion Trees progress

NZPPI welcomes the government’s announcement of the additional One Billion Trees fund and the commitment of the $120 million partnership fund for innovation and capability building.

This investment is urgently needed for the science, innovation and skills development needed to grow the quantity of seedlings needed to meet the increase in demand over the coming decade.

NZPPI has already applied to the Provincial Growth Fund for funding to enable us to carry out further research with members about their barriers to expansion and subsequent involvement in the 1BT initiative.

There are some huge challenges to overcome and this funding will enable our industry to undertake the research and innovation projects that will be vital to the success of the programme. It will also help to develop the skills and knowledge needed so that planting projects are successful.

The One Billion Trees programme has taken time to get underway and NZPPI is looking forward to making progress with government and members.

NZPPI has advocated throughout the year for native tree nurseries to highlight that the 1BT project did not have a decent operational plan that would enable nurseries to operate successfully in the scheme.

Interview with Matthew Dolan and Malcolm Woolmore.

Walking meetings with members

Matt Dolan has visited several growers this month to hear about what matters they would like NZPPI to act on and progress for them. Member visits are a great way to get an on-the-ground feel for how business is going. Matt brings this knowledge to the table at his Wellington government meetings.

At Nga Rakau Nurseries Matt met with manager Greg Palmer who is meeting the large demand for native trees at present. Seeding machines were a topic of interest and the discussion about increasing strike rates and how new science can assist with this.

Greg Palmer, Nga Rakau Nurseries

Matt Dolan talks with Greg Palmer

November visits included Natures Creation, Scrub Growers and recently Scott Base Nurseries and Nga Rakau Nurseries in Auckland.

Biosecurity 2025 - Ko Tatou

NZPPI attended the Biosecurity New Zealand Forum in Auckland 12-13 November.

The Biosecurity 2025 Implementation Plan was launched. Head of Biosecurity NZ Roger Smith brought a focus on the need for efforts to align and connect across sectors and across the country.

Biosecurity 2025 is a partnership between people, organisations, Māori, and central, local and regional government. Its aim is to make our biosecurity system more resilient and future-focused to protect our taonga and New Zealand from pests and diseases.

To make sure the goals for the Direction Statement are achieved, the following targets were set for 2025.

  • At least $80 million of public and private investment in science for biosecurity, with at least 50% of investment focused on identified critical biosecurity areas.
  • Halve the cost of managing a significant established pest. This will be achieved through innovative science and new tools and approaches to pest management.

More information can be found here.

NZPPI is progressing its industry Biosecurity Scheme and the pilot will begin shortly.

NZPPI members in the news

Marie Taylor is NZI Rural Business Women of the Year

NZPPI congratulates member Marie Taylor of Plant Hawke’s Bay as Supreme Winner of the NZI Rural Women Business Awards.

Marie Taylor (Photo credit Hawkes Bay Today)"Marie Taylor is a dedicated and intelligent nurserywoman who brings everything she has to her work, to the industry and the community.

Marie is constantly thinking outside the square and into the future for the industry and for the community. Indeed, her wisdom and visionary approach is an asset to our sector. She is an optimistic problem solver and will collaborate and share her ideas and approach to get over hurdles.

"The integrity and mana she brings to the native tree nursery group with her eco-sourcing commitment is inspiring and is where the future lies for further success in this sector,” Matthew Dolan says, congratulating Marie.

Read more in the NZ Herald and here.

(These stories were the direct result of the NZPPI media release)

Devin Westley Young Hort Runner-up 2018

Runner up Young Horticulturalist Devin Westley is an extraordinary young man with a huge passion for his work as a nurseryman and innovator in the industry. His employer, Southern Woods Nursery, and NZ Plant Producers are delighted with his second placing at the Young Horticulturalist competition.

Devin is presented with the T&G Practical Activities Award

Devin took home awards for best practice, practical activities and best speech on the night at the award’s dinner in Auckland November 8.

Southern Woods retail manager Chris Smith says, “We’re immensely proud of Devin for gaining second place in this very close and intense competition. Devin has already made a huge contribution to our industry, everything he undertakes at Southern Woods he does with professionalism and the goal of achieving the best possible results for all parties.”

Read more about the award and the competition here.

Time to breathe out and smell the flowers

Fortunately, the sun warmed the afternoon of the first day of the New Zealand Flower and Garden Show.

From left: Tracey Noble, Alex Schanzer and Lynz Burden from Concept Botanica

The NZPPI event at the show proved an excellent chance to enjoy the garden designs and then to relax with members.

After perusing the various sites, over 40 members came up to the pavilion mezzanine for drinks and a buffet dinner (Christmas puddings to finish). Matthew Dolan and Debbie Pascoe spoke briefly with a view to the year ahead. Kate Hillier thanked members for their support for the show but also called for more members to get in behind the show.

“This is our industry event, it makes us visible and celebrated but it needs ongoing industry wide support,” she said.

NZPPI member Kate Hillier is a stellar frontwoman for the industry and here is one of the news items she was involved with - read more.

The guest speaker, Christian Jenkins, is a gold medal winner and winner of the Design Excellence Award and the Horticultural Excellence Award. He talked about the mental health attributes of his landscapes and his work with local plant providers. He is planning to focus on aboriginal garden design in the new year.

Mitre 10 and Yates NZ are huge supporters of the show this year. Yates also assisted us to lower the ticket price for the dinner.

Thank you to all those that made this event a success.


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