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October 2014

Agriculture Vehicle Users Guide Updated

An updated version of the Agriculture Vehicle Users Guide is now available on line at www.nzta.govt.nz/resources/agri-vehicles-guide

Compliance matters
Business.govt.nz has recently launched an online tool that makes it easy for small business owners and operators to find, understand and manage their compliance requirements.  Compliance Matters takes the information you need to know from across government agencies and puts it into a simple to use and easy to navigate database. It’s about saving business owner’s time, and helping them feel confident that they’re doing what they need to when it comes to government.  The tool can be accessed at www.business.govt.nz/compliancematters

Trace the History of Climate Change Online

A web based digital library containing information on climate change and adverse weather events is now available at www.climatecloud.co.nz.  The library is an initiative between MPI and AgResearch to help primary industries assess the risks and impacts and respond to climate change and adverse weather events on land based businesses. There are more than 1600 peer reviewed resources presented as user friendly fact sheets to support farmer and land manager decisions on how best to plan for the future and be resilient to the challenges ahead.

Resilient Organisations

Resilient Organisations (ResOrgs) is a public good research programme based in New Zealand. We have been researching what makes organisations resilient to crises since 2004.

Profile Your Organisation's Resilience

Just launched, Resilient Organisations now have a free online tool designed for small and medium sized organisations to understand their resilience thumbprint.  This survey, which takes just 5 minutes to complete, will help you to estimate how your organisation compares to others in terms of resilience, what your organisation's weakest aspects of resilience are, and will provide a suggested action plan for improving resilience.  Take the test - http://resorgs.resilientbusiness.co.nz.

Resilience Opportunity Workshops

ResOrg are celebrating 10 years of research by running a series of free events across New Zealand to discuss, showcase and propagate resilience ideas and opportunities – check www.resilientbusiness.co.nz

Cyber Security and your business

Connect Smart, which is part of the National Cyber Policy Office (NCPO), and part of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DMPC) have launched the Connect Smart for Business: SME Toolkit, which is a free resource aimed at helping SMEs take basic steps to protect their business and customers online across all devices – you’ll find it through www.connectsmart.govt.nz/businesses - midway down the right hand column.

Grower Podcasts

Greenhouse Management offers a heap of online resources – videos, webinars and podcasts – check them out at - www.greenhousemag.com/media.