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NextGen NZ is a group of under-35's in the nursery and garden industry. It exists to encourage participation and nurture professional development of young industry professionals, by providing unique networking and career development opportunities. The group aims to encourage a sense of ownership of the industry through comradeship and mentorship with the ultimate goal of producing talented and skilled professionals with a long term commitment to the industry.

The group's objectives are to:

  • Produce a bi-monthly newsletter keeping members informed of industry events and group initiatives.
  • Encourage members to contribute to the newsletter.
  • Hold three - four meetings/social occasions per year which provide opportunities for networking, mentorship, industry involvement, access to key industry players and having fun.
  • Ensure the young people of the industry have a voice.
  • Promote exciting careers and career paths within the industry and pathways to take to achieve career goals.
  • To ensure the New Zealand horticultural industry will maintain its reputation as a world leader with innovative and knowledgeable young staff and business leaders
  • Work closely with other NextGen groups internationally to share information and provide exchange opportunities.
  • Encourage established members to involve themselves in other industry groups and organisations to share the group's ideas thoughts and suggestions about how to improve the industry.

All enquiries about NextGen can be directed to info@nginz.co.nz