NZPPI Strategic Direction 2017-2020

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When seeking your support to form and join NZPPI last year, we promised a fresh start and a completely new model and direction.

The NZPPI Prospectus we released at the end of 2016 captured the essence of the new organisation, who we are as an industry (including our contribution) and the people – it shared vision and experiences from some of our fellow inspiring plant producers, and it introduced us your new (at the time) board.

Following release of the Prospectus the NZPPI Board turned its attention to “strategy” – setting the new direction for NZPPI and leading change needed to implement this and make the new model work.


We’ve captured this on one page. There’s no rocket science. The new strategy picks up many of the themes from the National Plant Producers Summit held in August last year, and other conversations we’ve had with our members.

It sets our vision for: A plant production industry widely respected for its professionalism, innovation and major contribution to New Zealand.

And it sets a clear mission - NZPPI exists To support our members by working to create a positive industry profile and business environment.

The strategy establishes five goals, which will now shape how NZPPI invests and operates to deliver results for our members. Under each we list some early priorities/investment areas. In brief, these are built around:

  1. Engagement – examples being plant producer Summits and Conference opportunities
  2. Influence – an ongoing priority to respond rapidly to emerging events, e.g.  leadership roles we’ve taken on in the current Myrtle rust response (including preparing for a mainland incursion) and in relation to pelleted seed imports.
  3. Toolbox – examples are negotiating free EMA membership for NZPPI members, and tools to assist managing cybersecurity and meeting workplace health and safe obligations.
  4. Innovation – the first step is the Plant Producer Science and Innovation Summit to be held on May 4-5 to build a platform for future science investment, followed by the Growers Technical Seminar in the second half of 2017.
  5. Image – we are putting a renewed focus on professional development for our industry and attracting talent, and investment in economic research (to help regulators/key decision-makers understand the significant economic contribution our industry makes – something grossly under-estimated at this time).

Finally the new strategy identifies values that will underpin everything we do, including how we want to lead and serve our members.

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NZPPI Strategic Direction 2017-2020

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