Gift Cards

New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated owns, operates and backs New Zealand's only national garden gift card scheme - Go Gardening Gift Cards and Vouchers.

For the Public

Go Gardening Gift Cards are convenient and easy. They can be purchased and redeemed at over 150 participating Go Gardening member stores around the country, and can be used to buy anything from plants and compost to gifts and hardware. They provide the perfect gift solution for anyone in New Zealand.

Visit the website www.gardengiftcards.co.nz to find your nearest Go Gardening Retailer, check your card balance, or to purchase a gift card on-line.

NGINZ members

Go Gardening gift cards are a service you can offer your customers as they make the perfect gift solution. They can be any value from $10 to $1000, and are easily loaded through EFTPOS. A spending customer is encouraged into your store at little cost and more than 85% of shoppers will spend more than the face value of the gift card, thereby increasing your sales.

To find out more and become a Go Gardening Gift Card retailer, contact our Wellington office.


Go Gardening gift cards