Greenlife Matters

Greenlife Matters is a wide reaching advocacy and action campaign to increase the perceived value of plant life and green spaces (parks, public gardens etc). Most people understand that plants and green spaces  are ‘good’ for us, but few know the full range of benefits including;

  • Environmental benefits
  • Health & Wellbeing benefits
  • Economic benefits
  • Social benefits

Plant life and green spaces benefit …

  • People
  • Households
  • Communities
  • Society
  • Environment

Target Groups - who we want to influence:

  • Individuals
  • Households
  • Groups
  • Regional, District & Local Councils
  • Government Bodies, Legislators & Regulators

Benefit to members:

  • Deeper understanding (amongst target groups) of the importance of plant life.
  • Increased demand for plants and green space.
  • Media engagement, leading to greater coverage of industry news.
  • Raised industry profile.

Difference between Greenlife Matters and Go Gardening then?

  • Greenlife Matters is a broader scale advocacy and action campaign aiming to engage individuals, households, groups, Councils, government bodies, Regulators and Legislators. whereas
  • Go Gardening is a consumer engagement programme focussed on getting more New Zealanders actively gardening, more often.

Both share the objective of raising the profile of the nursery and garden industry, increasing the demand for plant life and encouraging people to surround themselves with more plants.

Greenlife Matters on YouTube

Greenlife Matters is all about the benefits that greenlife brings to people, their families, homes and houses, our communities, society and the environment.

Plants and green spaces - good for people, the community and the country


Indoors, plants clean the air, freshen the room ...


Living roofs, energy efficient, sanctuary for flora and fauna ...


Community gardening, bringing people together to grow healthy food ...


Revegetation, restoring ecosystems, providing sanctuary for flora and fauna ...