Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Where can I spend the Gift Cards? Go Gardening and Gardening New Zealand gift cards can be spent at over 150 participating Go Gardening retailers nationwide.
  2. Can I use the Gift Cards for items other than garden products? Yes, there are thousands of different products that Go Gardening and Gardening New Zealand gift cards can be used for. For more ideas check out the gift ideas section of this site.
  3. If I have a $50 Gift Card, can I buy goods for a lesser amount? The recipient of the card is able to use the card on as many occasions as they choose, until the value of the card is redeemed. Each time a purchase is made, the purchase amount will automatically be deducted from the Gift card balance.
  4. Do Go Gardening and Gardening New Zealand gift cards expire? The Gift Card will expire 2 years after the date of purchase.
  5. What denominations do your Gift Cards come in? Go Gardening and Gardening New Zealand gift cards can be loaded with any amount from NZ$10 to NZ$1000.
  6. What happens if the Gift Cards are lost after they have been received? If the recipient loses the Gift Cards once they have been received, there is nothing that Go Gardening can do. We recommend that all Gift Cards be treated like cash.
  7. Can more value be added to the Gift Card? The Gift Card is not rechargeable. Once the value of the card has been redeemed, it is no longer valid.
  8. Can the Gift Card be used at ATM’s? The Gift Card cannot be used at ATM’s or exchanged for cash.
  9. How can I check the balance on a Gift Card? Balances will appear on transaction receipts or alternatively click here to check online and use the 4-digit pin on the back of the card.
  10. What happens when a Gift Card balance reaches zero? Should I throw the card away? Once the value of a card expires it is best to cut it up as you would a credit card.
  11. Can I still use paper garden vouchers? All Go Gardening and Gardening New Zealand paper garden vouchers will continue to be redeemed by participating Go Gardening retailers.
  12. Is your website secure? All Credit Card transactions are processed immediately with Westpac Bank. The payment page is hosted by the bank and secured with 128-bit encryption. The card details you enter are safe because it is not stored or cached by the merchant - but entered directly into the banking system. You will receive an instant confirmation of transaction approval or decline before being returned to this merchant web site.
  13. Will I receive a receipt for my credit card purchase? Yes you will receive a WorldPay transaction confirmation email showing details of the purchase you have made, including a purchase transaction ID.
  14. What happens if the Gift Cards go missing? Gardening New Zealand send out all Gift Cards in a track and trace courier pack. If you believe that the Gift Cards have gone missing, the contact details and track & trace identification number is supplied on confirmation of your order so you can locate the package.
  15. How do I know the Gift Cards have been delivered to a third party address? Track and trace information is supplied on confirmation of your order.
  16. Is there a minimum order? Yes, the minimum order for purchasing online is $25