Gift Cards Contacts

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Selling or redeeming Go Gardening Gift Card or Vouchers

To become a Retailer, selling and redeeming Go Gardening gift cards and vouchers, contact Gardening NZ 04 909 7087, or email office@gardeningnz.co.nz

Gift Card Enquiries

Go Gardening brand (card number starts 6394)

Gift card balance

Card with no balance (umloaded) or an expired card

For all gift voucher enqueries

Gift Station brand (card number starts 2334)

To check a gift card balance, discuss an expired card or any processing problems, call ePay 0800 649 999


Contact eCcard Solutions, 0508 432 273, if you require help for any of these error messages:

Error Message


Over System Limit
(Paymark Message)

There are insufficient funds on the Gift Card to complete the transaction

Invalid Transaction
(Paymark message)

Incorrect account has been selected e.g. customer has pushed 'SAV' or 'CHQ' instead of 'CRD' and '‘Enter' or has attempted to enter the Access code on the back of the card. The Access Code is only for checking card balances online.

Refer to Issuer
(Eftpos NZ message)

Eftpos NZ message that means one of the following:

  • The merchant is not setup correctly at ANZ or eCard Solutions 0508 432 273
  • Insufficient funds to process the transaction
  • Terminal not loaded with eCard

Card Type Not Support
(Paymark message)

Merchant not loaded in the eCard database

Transmission Error/ Cannot Complete
(Eftpos NZ and Paymark message)

Terminal has timed out or has gone offline