Legionella growing media health warning panel

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In September 2015 NGINZ and a manufacturers working group completed its recommendations for a revised health warning panel on packaged composts and potting mixes … indeed all growing media. 

In essence the recommendations includes health warning panels on the front and reverse of bags, the front being a brief warning, the reverse more extensive.  If the front panel is at the top of the bag, that on the reverse should be at the bottom, and vice versa.  This way, irrespective of how the bag is opened, the user is more likely to see the warning.  It also includes advice on the use of masks and links to health and workplace safety websites.

The NGINZ Health Warning Panel on Packaged Media text and its terms of use can be viewed here

It will take time for bags to appear with the new recommendations, but we strongly encourage its rapid adoption – an important step in front footing this critical industry issue.