The Primary ITO

NZPPI works closely with the Primary Industry Training Organisation (ITO) supporting the latter’s role to “facilitate credible, relevant training programmes to enable business owners and trainees to drive the success and positive growth that benefits the primary industry as a whole.

The Nursery Production Industry Partnership Group (IPG)

NZPPI’s role begins as being a member of the Nursery Production IPG.   IPG’s are at the heart of the interaction between industry and the operational team at the ITO.  It works with the ITO across a range of matters including program and qualification development, training resources and assessment, delivery and field liaison, training advisory and industry connections ...  and essentially the IPG is industry’s voice to the ITO.

Members of the Nursery Production IPG are:

  • Jo Bonner, Coastlands Plant Nursery
  • Carol Fraser, Growing Spectrum
  • Alistair Waters, IPM Services
  • Mark Dean
  • Matt Dolan (Chair), NZPPI

If you’d like to know more, or would like to join us, speak with one of the above.

Stakeholder Council

The Stakeholder Council is a conduit between the IPG’s (and hence industry) and the ITO’s Board.  Its members comprise one representative from each of the 14 Industry Partnership Groups (IPGs). The Stakeholder Council meets with the ITO's Board at least twice a year to present industry’s needs, wants and opinions about industry training.

Matt Dolan represents the Nursery Production IPG on the Stakeholder Council.


IPG meeting - 29 September 206

The Nursery Production Primary ITO Industry Partnership Group(IPG) met late September and continued development of its sector plan to promote and enhance improved industry training opportunities, effective industry and ITO connection and began its development of a business plan.

We've several new members on the IPG and the enthusiasm they bring to the role stands the group in good stead going forward - If you are interested in working with us, contact John Liddle - john@nzppi.co.nz

Portfolio Management

Primary ITO Portfolio Management - a number of IPG chairs met with ITO staff to discuss proposals for how the ITO will work with IPGs taking a stewardship role through the programs that have been developed for its industry: ensuring the programs and courses are well aligned with industry needs and achieving returns to both industry and the ITO. In principle, it's a useful concept. However, as a small industry, with a small IPG the work required to both develop the stewardship approach, and to manage and monitor it was completely disproportional to our capability and resources to do so. One major matter that came out of the meeting, was a pan-sector need for a better understanding of workforce trends and future capacity and capability needs. This, I'm sure will form a major topic of conversation at the next Stakeholder Council meeting in December.

Qualification reviews

TROQ - Consultation is now open on the new Horticulture Production Management (Level 5) diploma and its unit standards. It includes a strand in Nursery Production, and if you'd like to help review these, contact John Liddle - john@nzppi.co.nz