Review of Horticulture Qualifications (TROQ)

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Reviews of Level 3 horticulture unit standards

Posted 14 April 2016

Development of new and reviews of existing standards are proceeding at a rapid pace and NGINZ and members of the Nursery Production Industry Partnership Group (IPG) reviewed and met with ITO Education Team staff to discuss reviewed and new nursery production programmes.  There are some good outcome here and the qualifications framework will be much improved when complete.  That said, it's been a long time in the making ... and a huge job.  Horticulture as brought in to Government's TROQ (Targeted Review of Qualifications) process in 2013, and there's as year or two to run yet ... Our view?  This will lead to a more robust and a more industry relevant set of nursery qualifications.

New horticulture programmes developed

Posted 13 October 2015

The TROQ (Targeted review of Qualifications) hit another milestone last month.  This Government mandated process has already reduced the hundred and something horticulture certificate and diploma qualifications to around thirty and the broad shape of nursery-related qualifications has been defined 

Now the details of horticulture programmes are being worked through and we’ve met and worked with the Primary ITO in this regard.  The drafts will shortly be available to the Primary ITO’s Nursery Production Industry Partnership group for review.   If you’d like to know more please contact John Liddle – john@nginz.co.nz