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Prunus Import Health Standard review - MPI update

February 2019

This is an update from MPI of progress on the project to review the Prunus IHS.

MPI is doing the risk assessment as per the detailed project plan, and is concurrently developing the draft IHS and RMP as information comes from the risk assessment team.

Risk Assessment

The risk assessment team are in the hazard identification and pest risk assessment phases of the project. This work is progressing well and the analysis is identifying a number of diseases of unknown aetiology that may no longer be considered risks and may be removed from the IHS. It is also identifying additional viruses, viroids, bacteria and fungi. Some of these organisms require some further risk assessment. 

The following milestones are two weeks behind schedule due to the very large numbers of viruses, viroids, diseases of unknown aetiology and fungi which are recorded in association with Prunus. We have also had to do hazard identification for more pathogens that we had allowed for in the plan. The indicative due dates have been revised as follows:


Indicative due date

Complete hazard ID for viruses, viroids, diseases of unknown aetiology, fungi and oomycetes and begin risk assessment for these groups


Complete risk assessments for viruses, viroids, diseases of unknown aetiology, fungi and oomycetes.


Draft IHS and RMP development

This work is also progressing well but deliverable dates have been revised to account for the changes in the risk assessment delivery dates, the impact of Easter and ANZAC day, and time spent dealing with a higher than normal level of OIA requests and correspondence from importers. 

I would like to bring your attention to the following indicative dates for pre-consultation and formal consultation.  

Please note that there is a very tight turn-around time for the pre-consultation phase. This is unavoidable if the IHS is to be completed as soon as possible. Please can you assist us in achieving a meaningful pre-consultation by letting your interested stakeholders know of these dates so that they are forewarned and can make necessary arrangements to ensure they have time to read the document, attend the meeting in Wellington if they wish, and provide feedback by 27 March 2019.  

The formal consultation period is scheduled to begin just over one month later, in early May.  


Indicative date

MPI sends draft Risk Management Proposal (RMP) document to industry to enable pre-consultation engagement


Meeting between MPI and industry representatives (Wellington)


Industry feedback provided to MPI


Formal consultation:
New Zealand & WTO consultation period begins


Formal consultation:
New Zealand consultation closes


Formal consultation:
WTO consultation closes


NZPPI to develop plant production biosecurity scheme

February 2018

New Zealand plant producers will drive development of an industry biosecurity scheme to detect pests and diseases and prevent their spread.

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has commissioned the New Zealand Plant Producers Incorporated (NZPPI) to lead development of the scheme, placing plant producers at the forefront of New Zealand’s biosecurity efforts.

Over the next six months, NZPPI will work with industry, MPI and other stakeholders to design a plant production biosecurity standard and manual. This consultative process will determine key considerations such as how the scheme will run and how to upskill industry.

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