MPI Matters

In addtion to the specific right hand menu items, NZPPI meets with a number of regulators on both a formal and informal basis.


Discussions with MPI in September 2016

Discussions this month with with MPI have touched on its review of the Rosa Import Health Standard, import restrictions following concerns over xylella, a devastating bacteria pathogen that fortunately is not present in New Zealand, work to understand better disease risk through the tissue culture pathway, the importation of fuchsia and alnus.

MPI's Plant Imports Website


MPI's Plant Imports and Exports continue to build the resources available on MPI's website

Among the routine how to, what to do, where to get it are details of import health standards under review (see the Plant Imports Work Programme) link middle right and any proposals out for consultation or recently completed.

Import problem resolved

It's good to have good news - and in this case a great response from MPI on a seed import tangled up in treatment difficulties on arrival in the county. Owing to some very specific circumstances an alternative to chemical treatment was provided by MPI in a timely fashion and the seeds are now safely in the hands of the importing nursery. Thanks go to the importer and MPI.

Auckland Airport border import issues

We've been party to a couple of discussions on issues as plant imports transit through Auckland airport and MPI's inspections. We'd like to hear of your experiences, both good and bad, of border clearance processes please - send details to John Liddle, john@nginz.co.nz.