NZPPI's Prospectus 2017

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NZPPI is now well underway! We’d like to thank our fellow plant producers and industry partners for the great response and support to achieve this.

The great turnout and quality of feedback we received at the National Summit in September really set the scene - it contributed to shaping early direction, especially the critical focus needed over NZPPI’s first 12 months to build value and momentum.

The number of plant producers and industry partners that have already joined has well surpassed our expectations, and is steadily growing (as the mad rush we’ve all experienced this spring eases!). As important, the level of energy, goodwill and commitment from industry leaders and a wide range of businesses - large and small, and across sectors - has been impressive. As an indicator, in terms of financial health we’re already well ahead of where the association’s been for many years, with a good number returning or joining for the first time, as well as continued support of existing members.

Board nominations resulted in appointments across all sectors without need (or expense) of a formal election.

This publication is a foundation document that sets out what NZPPI and the plant producer community are all about! This includes the enormous contribution our industry makes, insights and experience shared by a number of our plant producers, and initial steps as we grow NZPPI as an association totally focused on delivering value to our members.

The creation of NZPPI is a huge opportunity and a fresh start for our industry - so again, thanks to those already on board. Our greatest strength is by working together. If you want to contribute and be part of growing success for our industry, and member businesses, please join us!

Download NZPPI's Prospectus 2017