Membership Campaign

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A strong theme among conference 2017 delegates was a desire to help grow NZPPI’s producer membership.  At the end of June, we had a total of 90 Producer members and contracted parties, and while this a good way towards our aspirations of having 200 producer members inside NZPPI’s first three years, there’s still some distance to go, and further recruitment plans are underway.

An early “next step” is a campaign among existing NZPPI members to work with their non-member colleagues and neighbours.  We’re preparing a “member-get-member” kit which will be with you soon.

Of course, if you’re a non-NZPPI member reading this now, you need not wait for a member to tap you on the shoulder – you can find out more directly www.nzppi.co.nz/membershipinfo!