NZPPI Science Strategy

Read here: NZPPI Science and Innovation Strategy May 2018


September 2017

Following May’s Science and Innovation Summit, we’ve engaged Bill Dyck (who spoke on the issue at conference) to develop a strategy to guide future investment opportunities and priorities.  The work is now underway and the Steering Group met mid-August.  That discussion identified four key areas

  • Plant health/quality
  • Soil health
  • Sustainability
  • Knowledge transfer tool

Bill’s now working on the approach to these and some potential projects and we expect to have an early draft in several weeks.
If you’ve a science and innovation thought, get hold of one of the Steering Group members:

  • Andrew Harrison
  • Nicola Rochester
  • John Liddle
  • Geoff Thorpe
  • Terry Wearmouth
  • Mike Riordan
  • Mark Brown
  • Malcolm Woolmore
  • Stephen Burton

We’re grateful for AGMARDT support in funding the project to develop the Strategy.