Special Interest Groups

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A cornerstone of the NZPPI model are Special Interest Groups (SIGs), where groups of our members can coalesce and work on activities of interest to a sub-group of our membership. 

Two groups have been formed to date – one to look after the interests of trolley users and another to facilitate MPI approval of several offshore facilities who export fruit tree germplasm to New Zealand.

SIGs work with the NZPPI Board and management team under agreed Terms of Reference which are in turn guided by NZPPI’s SIG Policy.

If you’ve an interest in trolleys or fruit tree imports you can learn more from Chairs of the SIG’s Steering Groups:

Sally Brown and Debbie Pascoe are working to set up an industry partner and retail SIG. If you’d like to help or be part of this, please contact
Sally (sally@blueskinnurseries.co.nz) or Debbie (dpascoe@xtra.co.nz).

Contact Frances Palmer (frances@nzppi.co.nz) if you’d like to know more about SIG’s and how they can work for you..