NZPPI Member Cyber Security Checklist

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Many New Zealanders have been subject to (or know someone who has) online theft or fraud, scams, malware, hacking and other mobile, computer and internet attacks. Attacks are becoming more common and brazen, the risks associated with them are growing, and the impact they can have on individuals and business is devastating.

NZPPI’s member “Cyber Security Checklist” is intended to help our members reduce their cyber risk and make their businesses more resilient to cyber-attack.   It’s compiled from several sources and provides some cyber security best practices which significantly reduces the risk of members becoming a victim of hackers.  Work through this with your team, noting areas that “need work” and then get to work on specific issues.

Start today … every step you take provides a layer of protections.

NZPPI's member-exclusive checklist and it was sent to members on 28 March.

Members can also contact Frances Palmer, frances@nzppi.co.nz, for a copy of the checklist, and non-members are invited to check out our membership page.