Tissue Culture Import Health Standard Review

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Emergency measures for Xylella (a bacterium) in tissue culture of host plants, were implemented late February.

The list of genera affected by Xylella has and will continue to increase as the pathogen moves across Europe. Essentially tissue culture imported from a country free of Xylella must be accompanied by a phytosanitary certifcate to that effect, whereas tissue cultures imported from a country that is not recoginsed as xylella free will required an import permit, additonal phytosanitary certifcate declarations and must be deflasked into post-entry quarantine. Checkout MPI’s notice for more detail.

NZPPI and some importers are working to identify methods to ease the impact of these requirements. If you reply upon imported tissue culture, please contact John Liddlejohn@nzppi.co.nz.



NZPPI and some importers will meet with MPI on 22 February to discuss the latter’s work in reviewing the tissue culture import health standard to better manage potential biosecurity risks associated with tissue culture. If you’ve an interest in importing tissue culture, please let NZPPI know - john@nzppi.co.nz