COVID-19 - L3 Operation Protocols

NZPPI has developed a set of protocols for the move to Level 3 operations, which is scheduled from midnight on Monday 27 April.

Following this, a large number of workers in our sector will return to the workplace.  Also, suppliers, customers and the public will be interfacing with your business.  These protocols will ensure their safety.

These documents have been developed by NZPPI and our Special Interest Groups, to ensure that they are relevant to your sector and address the important issues.  They have been reviewed and approved by Government and are aligned with the protocols that are in place across the primary sector and retail sector.

In addition to these protocols we are developing further guidance on topics such as maintaining worker bubbles, transporting workers, planting operations & contactless retail trade.

In anticipation of the move to Level 3, our sector is preparing to open up workplaces, reopen supply chains and enable contactless retail trade.  We encourage you to collaborate with each other as you do this, using these guidelines as a common reference and standard that you all agree to meet.

Share these with your suppliers and customers, explain your expectations, so you know what to expect from each other.  We have heard from our members that ignorance, or going it alone, is not acceptable at a time like this.

Plant Production Covid-19 Level 3 Protocols

Garden Retail Covid-19 Level 3 Protocols

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