COVID-19 - Procedures to register for Authorised Activity

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MPI’s recognition of Authorised Activities for all plant producers and garden retailers permits tasks critical for plant survival. 

You must register and provide information on your plan to protect workers and stop any spread of COVID-19 (below), and restrict all on-site to authorised activities essential to the bare minimum crucial for immediate plant survival.

Register with MPI

All nurseries that wish to undertake authorised activities must register with MPI, regardless of staff numbers (which differs from other sectors).

Note – MPI’s registration page (28 March 2020) states that only businesses with more than 5 staff are required to register.  This rule applies to primary sector businesses that produce food, including farmers, growers, packhouses etc.  Nurseries fit into a different category.  MPI are clear that ALL nurseries are required to register, no exceptions.

During the registration process you must answer questions and describe your plans for how you will keep workers safe and stop the spread of any COVID-19. You must follow these plans.

While MPI will be checking in on registered businesses, this process relies on your integrity, professionalism and capability to proactively manage the risk, restrict tasks as required, and to keep yourself, your staff and your/their families safe.

Register with NZPPI

After you have registered with MPI, the next step is to register with NZPPI

This is the only way that we will know that you are operating to undertake authorised activities or that you are a Support Service the food sector supply chain.

We will provide you with information and updates about the authorised activities process and other information about COVID-19.

We will also provide you with letters that your staff undertaking authorised activities can keep in their vehicles to show police and officials if they are stopped when travelling to and from work.

Work with us

NZPPI's COVID-19 work is supported and funded by our members. To join, complete the NZPPI membership application, or contact office@nzppi.co.nz.