COVID-19 Update - 12 August 2020

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Level 2 & 3 Alert returns

As of noon, 12 August 2020 Auckland returned to a Level 3 COVID alert, while the rest of New Zealand returned to Level 2. This will remain in force until at least midnight Friday, 14 August.

Auckland is in Level 3

All nurseries and garden centres inside the Auckland supercity at Level 3 must close to visitors from noon, 12 August 2020.

To operate a nursery under Level 3 you must have:

  • An up-to-date COVID-19 Prevention Plan with the key aim of ensuring that workers and visitors maintain physical distancing (2 metres where possible)
  • General safety and hygiene provisions for minimising the possible spread of COVID-19 between workers and visitors.
  • NZPPI recommends the supply and wearing of PPE-approved masks in the workplace and while dealing with anyone outside your Level 3 bubble

Permitted Activities: Under Level 3 you can:

  • Undertake contactless delivery and distribution systems.
  • Undertake all nursery activities within your COVID Prevention Plan.
  • Receive and distribute stock and goods.
  • Anyone who can work from home should work from home.

Travel permission letters

Travel restrictions apply under Level 3 in the Auckland region. Travel Permission Letters can be used to allow workers to travel in and out of Level 3 for work, while remaining within their bubble. You can either reuse your previous NZPPI Travel Permission Letters or develop new ones using the Travel Permission Letter template, available here. You will need to save it before filling in your and your worker details.

Outside of Auckland is in Level 2

Level 2 operations in the rest of the country allow customers to enter your premises if:

  • Distancing is maintained (see below)
  • Visitor numbers are limited to separation
  • Recording customer contact details is highly recommended and has advantages for your business. If you record customer details you can allow 1m physical separation on your premises – for customers, staff, and visitors. If you choose not to record contact details you must maintain 2m separation on your premises.

You should also:

  • Record all visitor contact details.
  • Provide hand sanitizer for staff and visitors (and must provide hand-washing facilities if you serve food or drink).
  • Maintain your cleaning/sanitising regime for high-contact surfaces (eg, eftpos terminals, tills, door handles, trollies, baskets, etc etc).
  • Supply gloves and hand sanitiser to all staff handling customers’ purchases.
  • Maintain all standard health and safety practices.
  • Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands!

As of this morning NZ Plant Producers is working with Government agencies and related industries to clarify your restrictions, responsibilities and rights under this second wave of Alerts. This is a rapidly-changing space and we will be in touch with you again this afternoon with more up-to-date information.

Rest assured we are working extremely hard to protect the best interests of our industry. Primary industries rely on our production, and many families need our plants for food and wellbeing. NZ Plant Producers achieved good outcomes for our industry during the first wave of alerts and we are striving to do so again.

To keep up with the COVID latest information go to https://covid19.govt.nz/covid-19/

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